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A Note of Appreciation For First Baptist Church Dallas

On behalf of hundreds who were blessed by Pastor Robert Jeffress, Tyler Brinson, our choir, and our orchestra on the paradise island of Oahu as well as those of us just there to help when possible, may I say a word of profound gratitude for the members of FBC Dallas who made it possible. Under the skillful and faithful preaching of our pastor many confessed Jesus as Savior. In churches, on military bases, in a shopping center, and at the Waikiki Shell listeners marveled at the sounds of heaven from our choir and orchestra.

That which impressed me so much was the Christian kindness of our people, reaching out to total strangers in Jesus’ name. Pastor/Evangelist Jeffress demonstrated his remarkable versatility—transcending cultural barriers, cogently illustrating biblical truths, and exegeting the Scriptures so that none could possibly misunderstand. And I could never be blessed with vocabulary sufficient adequately to describe the heavenly paeans of praise from our choir and orchestra.

Thank you First Baptist Dallas for praying. And may God favor the efforts of Cathy and Chris Alsup, who go out with the support of our church to begin a new congregation here in Hawaii! And may our noble pastor and every member who ministered to so many this week be given a special blessing from our Lord.

Paige Patterson

Teacher of The President’s Class

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Scott Smith
Scott Smith
Jul 06, 2023

Praise God for people willing to be used so others can be saved!! Dr. Jeffress is the real deal!

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