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A Tribute to Dr. Bailey Smith

Bailey Smith, having transferred his permanent address to a golden strand in the presence of the Lord, leaves behind a legacy of men and women led to Christ.  And though that was not all that he did, who can leave a more noble legacy?  Bailey coupled unusual awareness of the culture with an uncompromising commitment to those things that matter forever.  This he did with a delightful sense of humor and the keenest of insights.   There were opponents, but however these threatened, Dr. Smith stood firm and refused to compromise no matter the cost.  Sandy and he gave us three wonderful boys -- all of whom operate with Dad’s magnificent charm even while gifting the world with an infinite variety of abilities.   As pastor of one of the greatest SBC churches, First Southern Del City, Oklahoma, a graduate of Southwestern Seminary, twice president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and forever a supporter of the biblical role of the evangelist, Bailey was simply remarkable.  His Real Evangelism conferences were an encouragement to tens of thousands.  His encouragement on a personal level was the deep work of God’s Spirit in his soul.   I am one preacher who will miss Bailey Smith personally and professionally.  Dear precious man of God, may heaven rise up and welcome one of its finest soldiers.  And may God do another miracle and give His people another prophet like Bailey Smith. Paige Patterson


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