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Come on, Dr. Jeffress!

Ah, come on now, Dr. Jeffress. Why don’t you just preach the gospel and leave politics to the social justice warriors who say that they know what they are doing?  Oh, wait a minute… You actually do preach the gospel about as consistently and insistently as anyone I know. Well, why do you not “trump” Trump?  His style is not what anyone is used to, and his past is apparently not what a believer is looking for.  Well, yes, I admit that the President has done more for the pre-born in their mothers’ wombs than any other president; the unemployment rate is the lowest anyone can remember; the economy is booming; he has kept his word about what he promised, and overwhelmingly minorities in America have a new start.  He has openly asked for God’s intervention in the life of America, but he is just ’er…well, so different, and surely that must be sinful.  Come on Dr. Jeffress!  Can’t you understand that this is all about style?  Thousands do not care what the president does.  It is how he does it that makes feathers stand on end.  Come on, Preacher Jeffress!  Why do you just keep on preaching only the truths of God’s Word?  Do you actually affirm that the Bible is totally true?  Are you so narrow that you think Jesus is the only way?  You probably even think that marriage is only between one man and one woman for life.  I bet you believe that sex is destructive outside the vows of marriage, and many are saying that there is certainly a paucity of evidence for that. Clergyman Jeffress, give me a break! If I were a gambler, I would put my last dollar on the insane proposition that you believe people even need to be regenerate. You evidently think that drug addiction, alcoholism, hatred, racism, and even war are best resolved when people are “born again.”  Don’t you get it?  Being religiously inclined is quite sufficient.  Jesus clearly led us astray when He said, “You must be born again.”  How was He in any position to know? Wait!  Pastor Jeffress, you do get it right!  The spirit of the prophet dwells in you because you follow God’s Word even if no one else sees it.  Compassion for the lost and hurting is co-mingled with action on their behalf in your life. You write down-to-earth books expressing heavenly truths that everyone can read.  While you are no more perfect than any of the human family, the mantle of Elijah has fallen around your shoulders.  Amid the cacophony of thousands of non-biblical voices, many of us are grateful to you this day.  Let Jeffress be heard!


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