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Rhonda Harrington Kelley: A Tribute

There are not enough words to truly describe the spiritual impact of Rhonda Kelley on the lives of so many.  I believe anyone in her presence immediately felt genuinely loved, uniquely special, and deeply significant.  Whatever Rhonda wrote in a book or taught from a platform was exactly what you found in her personal world.  A passion and zeal to communicate the Word of God effectively to women and a servant's spirit to do whatever the Lord placed in front of her were key character traits found in her life.  Rhonda had many gifts but one that specifically made a difference in my life was the ability to take a theological principle and communicate it in the most practical ways for everyone to understand.  Rhonda's impact will be truly lasting as her testimony and publications influence countless young women. Thank You, Lord JESUS for the incredible example of one of your beautiful servants who is singing Your praises! 

Dr. Monica Rose Brennan

Liberty University Associate Professor & Director of Women’s Leadership Department of Christian Leadership & Church Ministries


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