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Stay on Adventure

She may be in her seventh decade, crippled by arthritis, and forced to live with a renegade, but Dorothy Patterson takes a back seat to no one when it comes to courage!  Today I proposed that we take a small boat down a jungle river on the island of Borneo to look for a shy species of monkey, maybe a few crocodiles, and even the possibility of a python or two.  A little pale, she said, “I have been all over the world with you Paige Patterson, and I am not going to sit in the hotel while you go on an adventure.” I do love that girl! So, here I am with this sophisticated lady whose idea of serious suffering is being forced to endure British High Tea at an inferior location, and we are crawling through a mangrove swamp in a boat that must have been minted before I was, searching for orange Proboscis Monkeys.  And we found several groups.  What fun!  Never mind the abundant insects. Only one croc showed up and was as bashful as were the monkeys.  The monkeys were beautiful, and curious, and incredibly acrobatic as they leapt from limb to limb.  Vegetation  which proliferates on Borneo is almost as lush as Eden must have been, and my spouse of nearly fifty-seven years and I enjoyed our brief respite from the mission assignment with alacrity.   Now what is the purpose of this little blog?  The call to come home to heaven has not yet echoed in Mrs. Patterson’s ears.  Until that call comes, she is going to pursue Borneo’s rivers and whatever else presents itself.  Getting out of that boat was a challenge.  She never complained.  And she would say to all who like us are well blessed with years, “never give up.”  Keep finding people who need Christ and share with them the offer of the Savior.  And stay on an adventure until Jesus summons you to the greatest adventure of them all.   Paige Patterson On mission in Indonesia


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