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Witnessing Miracles: Part two

Attending the Convocation ceremony at Truett-McConnell University provided yet another miracle that I can never forget. Dr Maël Disseau was installed as the first professor to occupy the Charles Stanley Chair of Theology at TMU. Born in Italy to French parents, Dr. Disseau grew up fluent in both French and Italian but with little religious training. Interested in aero-space engineering, Disseau gained admission to Georgia Tech to pursue his PhD. Toward the conclusion of that program he made the mistake of attending a little Baptist church where he heard clearly for the first time about the love of Christ. At that point the budding engineer would have called himself an Agnostic. Coming to Christ, he rejoiced in the forgiveness of his sin. He also found a godly girl, and God gave him Cindy as his wife to walk at his side. Increasingly Disseau focused on Theology and begin to sense God’s call to ministry. This led him, upon completion of his PhD in aero-space engineering, to Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and another Master’s degree. On to Southwestern seminary and a PhD in Theology, Disseau penned a fascinating dissertation on hitherto basically unknown and unrecognized Italian Anabaptists of the Reformation, in which he corrected misconceptions about the doctrines of these Italian pioneers. While in the PhD program at Southwestern, Disseau was requested to teach physics at TCU! Graduation at Southwestern led not only to opportunities in France, Italy, and East Africa, but also to Truett McConnell where the miracle life continued as professor of theological studies, though he teaches enough courses in physics to stay current in the sciences. Progressing, president Caner invited him to become Dean of the College of Arts and Letters and Chair of the Balthasar Hubmaier School of Theology and Missions. Charles Stanley recently graduated also—to heaven! But the Charles Stanley Chair of Theology was funded at TMU, and the first man to occupy that chair in honor and memory of Dr. Stanley is Dr. Maël Disseau, the Franco- Italian Agnostic Space scientist who would be honored to come to your church and share his testimony. Here is how to get him. To hear about the miracle for yourself, write him at Arrange a meeting with prospective students or donors after church over lunch and bask in the thrill of what God is still doing in this world. If you want to witness real miracles with eternal consequences, let me suggest you schedule a trip to Truett McConnell University and witness tomorrow’s Christian leaders led by one of the finest faculties ever assembled anywhere! Remember: you can either lament the culture, or you can join God’s miracle at TMU! Thank you, President Caner, for inviting Mrs. Patterson and me to see God’s mighty hand at work . Paige Patterson, President Sandy Creek Foundation

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Aug 21, 2023

Dr. P.,

How wonderful it is for you to see how GOD has multiplied your ministry by means of the men you have poured your life into. To GOD be the glory!

John Martin Brown, SEBTS '00

Bedford, PA

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